Our Services

The services provided by Pantala, Inc. have been honed to maximize best industry practices, while continually innovating and testing new methods.  We strive to minimize machine run-time while maximizing inspection reliability.  Our goal is to achieve the highest level of quality, therefore every member of the team audits the initiator at each step of the process.  This works as a teaching mechanism and also verifies that the entire team agrees with the direction of the project.

Our process begins with the customer submitting drawings, CAD models and interpretation specifications.  Following review of this information, we issue a quote to the customer.  Upon acceptance of the quote and issuance of the purchase order, program creation begins.  Once the program has been written and thoroughly simulation tested, it can be run in-house or sent to the customer’s facility.

Expert Quality Control

Pantala, Inc. provides expert quality control services that maximize the effectiveness of Zeiss Coordinate Measurement Machines.  We do this by emphasizing the importance of minimizing program run-time and achieving optimal accuracy.  The programs that we create can be used either on our in-house Zeiss equipment or at the customer’s facility.  We pride ourselves in using imagination and improvisational skills to create robust and revolutionary measurement routines.

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